7 November 2018 - Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Present: Rachel Cerfontyne, Anna O’Rourke, Guido Liguori, Kris Beuret, Bharan Kumar, Mark Izatt, Sam Matthews (Secretary).

Apologies: John Davies


2 - Minutes from the previous meeting

·       The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed.

3 - Verbal Update from the chair

·       A verbal update was given by the chair. The update included:

o   John Davies, long term resident of West Drayton, accepted the position of non-executive director.

o   Meetings that the HCEB had held over the last month

o   Meetings that Rachel had attended over the last month

o   The proposed question time event planned for 23 January.

o   The work which has taken place between the HCEB and STACK. It was agreed that a briefing from STACK would be arranged for an appropriate point in the future.

·       It was agreed that 18 December Formal Board Meeting would be cancelled in favour of a half an hour urgent business session before or after the Director's Training day. A venue would be confirmed in due course.

·       Following a discussion, it was agreed that Paul Atkin would be offered the position of non-executive director.

·       Following a discussion on the meeting with BA on respite, it was agreed that a toolkit on 'how to engage' would be produced.

·       Guido Liguori presented the options for the provision of the HCEB Ltd’s accountancy services. A discussion followed.
Details of the discussion are commercially sensitive and have been redacted from the public minutes.


4 - HCEB Mailing (Q4 2018)

·       A paper was tabled and it was agreed that the HCEB would send a mailing, including a letter from Rachel and a survey, to the quarter of a million households closest to the airport and that this would be combined with a social media advertising campaign.


5 - Work Plan

·       Following a discussion, the paper was noted. It was agreed that the work plan would be developed further to include the HCEB’s three key priorities: (Engage, Challenge, Advise)


6 - HCEB 2019 Budget Bid

·       Following a discussion, the paper was agreed and It was agreed that the budget would be submitted to Heathrow Airport Ltd.


7 - Risk Register

·       Following a discussion, the paper was noted.


8 - Update on the Transport and Environment Group

·       Kris Beuret presented a paper on her initially thoughts and proposals for developing a Transport and Environment Working Group. Following a discussion, the paper was noted. It was agreed that further updates would be brought to a future meeting.


9 - Update on training for directors

·       A verbal update was noted by the board. Directors training and GDPR training would be scheduled for the near future.