9 October 2018 - Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Present: Rachel Cerfontyne, Anna O’Rourke, Guido Liguori, Kris Beuret, Bharan Kumar, Mark Izatt, Sam Matthews (Secretary).


1.   Attendance & Apologies

o   Rachel welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Introductions were made.

o   There were no apologies.


2.   Declarations of Interest

·       Kris Beuret

o   Previous employment with Heathrow, not current. Brought in as an external expert to advise HAL on their consultation process. Went to a couple of meetings and shared a couple of ideas about how to do it better. Stopped contact when approached by HCEB.

·       Mark Izatt

o   Is in possession of an airside pass through his role on the Passenger Services Group – this pass gets discounted fares on Heathrow express and discounts on coffee and non-alcohol purchases at Heathrow.


3.   Rules of Organisation & Board of Directors Terms of Reference

·       Following a discussion where there was a desire expressed to ensure there was flexibility on these documents going forward if they needed to change, these papers were noted by the board.


4. Terms of Reference  
·       See above.


5.   Budget & funding update (verbal)

·       A verbal update was given by Rachel on our current position. This was followed by a discussion.

·       It was agreed that NEDs would have access to the Heathrow Governance Documents (Grant Agreement, Terms of Reference)

·       It was agreed that the team would explore producing a ‘dashboard’ of headline stats on the HCEB's activity.

·       It was agreed that the Board would seek to recruit a fourth non-executive director with some experience in accounting.

·      There was a discussion regarding the services provided by the HCEB Ltd’s accountants.
Details of the discussion are commercially sensitive and have been redacted from the public minutes.


6.   Allowances for members of SAGs (verbal)

·       A verbal explanation was given by Rachel about the purpose of proposed allowances (out of pocket or childcare expenses) for those who attend our meetings but are not otherwise reimbursed for their time there.

·       The board endorsed the idea in principle with further details to be discussed with the SAGs and presented to a future meeting of the Board.


7.   Work Plan

·       Following a discussion, the paper was agreed by the board.

·       It was agreed that more colour is used throughout the document on a RAG traffic light system.

·       It was agreed that ‘leads’ would be added to each area of activity and that, in some areas, the ‘lead’ might be NEDs.

·       It was agreed that the paper would be put to the SAGs and the strategic objectives would subsequently be published.

·       It was agreed that the work plan would be a standing item on the Board of Directors' Agenda - that each meeting of the board might look at a different area which would benefit from the Board's input.

·       It was agreed that, having heard from all relevant interested parties the question "what does success look like for the HCEB?", a paper would be presented to the board in order to agree what the HCEB Ltd regarded success to look like at a future meeting.


8.   Residents Advisor Job Description (paper for noting)

·       The paper was presented to the board by Anna O’Rourke followed by a discussion:

o   It was suggested that Guardian Jobs might not be quite the right place to advertise it and that developers/local authorities are likely to have the kinds of candidates we would like to apply.

o   The board expressed a view that there would need to be serious thought given to the duty of care toward the ultimate role-holder due to the strength of feeling on the issue.

o   Concerns were raised that there was the potential for this role to end up becoming an advocacy role and that the JD did not necessarily reflect that.

·       It was agreed that one role would be advertised for but that the matter would be kept under review to identify what the eventual role-holder needs.


9.   Residents Chair Applications & Process (verbal)

·       A verbal update was given by Rachel in regard to the Residents Chair recruitment process. A discussion followed.
Details of the discussion have been redacted from the minutes as they contain sensitive information in relation to applicants. For more information on the Residents Chair recruitment process, click here to read the blog published at the time.

·       The board noted that Mark has agreed to take on a specific HR portfolio for the HCEB Ltd.


10.GDPR & Information Governance policy

·       A verbal update was given by Sam Matthews on the interim policy. The policy was agreed by the board.

·       There was a clear desire that the policy would develop as necessary as the HCEB seeks to use data to increase its engagement.

·       It was agreed that the policy would be a standing item on the agenda for the Board every three months.

·       It was agreed that the policy would be specifically revisited following the training for the board of directors.


11.Strategic Risk Register

·       Anna introduced this item and explained that the document was still in draft and welcomed feedback from the Board.

·       It was agreed that the risk register would be circulated via email to Board members for further comment ahead of the next meeting.

·       It was agreed that this would be a standing item on the agenda for the board of directors at every meeting.


12. Future meeting schedule

·       The paper was amended, and dates were agreed until April 2019. The agreed dates were:
Wednesday 7 November 2018 – 5pm – Central Working Slough  
Wednesday 18 December 2018 – 5pm – Central Working Victoria  
Wednesday 9 January 2019 – 5pm – Central Working Victoria
Wednesday 6 February 2019 – 5pm – Venue TBC
Wednesday 6 March 2019 – 5pm – Venue TBC
Wednesday 3 April 2019 – 5pm – Venue TBC

·       It was agreed that a paper would be brought to the next meeting of the board with dates throughout 2019.