A statement from Rachel regarding the impending Judicial Review judgement.

Last month, the Judicial Review into the Airports National Policy Statement regarding Heathrow Airport’s plans to expand was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice (sometimes referred to as the High Court).

The judicial reviews must be allowed to go through the proper legal process and as such, the HCEB has refrained from making any comments relating to this so far.  However, the HCEB team are acutely aware of the strength of feeling on this issue and the potential outcomes. We understand that this is a tense and worrying period for many directly affected people, in particular, for those people living or working within the compulsory purchase zone. 

Our current understanding is that the judgement will not be handed down before 30 April 2019 and that the Royal Courts of Justice will endeavour to issue a notice of the impending judgement on their website 24 hours beforehand.  The judgement itself will appear on one or more of the following websites by 10am the following day:




Sam Matthews