About us

The HCEB was set up to increase community and stakeholder participation in Heathrow’s planning and decision-making processes. We also work with local people to provide challenge and scrutiny of the airport’s day-to-day operations and expansion proposals. 

The HCEB is completely independent from Heathrow Airport and Government, we have no affiliation with any campaigning groups and whilst we engage with people with strong views and interests relating to the airport, we are impartial and do not take sides.

On this page you can find information on the groups that make up the HCEB and read notes of their previous meetings.

  • Board of Directors

  • Strategic Advisory Group: Communities & Stakeholders

  • Strategic Advisory Group: Elected Members

  • Passenger Services Group

Key Documents

Terms of Reference

Our terms of reference define the aims, purpose and values of the HCEB Ltd. Everything we do as an organisation has to meet the requirements set out in this document. 


Rules of Organisation

The rules of organisation explain how the HCEB Ltd's structures are constituted. 


Department for Transport Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

HCEB Chair - Rachel Cerfontyne.jpg.gallery.jpg

Rachel Cerfontyne

Chair of the HCEB

Rachel trained and worked as a social worker before becoming a probation officer. Rachel was most recently Deputy Chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, where she spent 9 years improving and maintaining public confidence in the police complaints system and oversaw their two largest investigations including the Hillsborough Disaster and the Rotherham Child Sexual Abuse scandal. Having spent her early years in Feltham, a community close to the airport, Rachel has first-hand knowledge of the impacts and importance Heathrow can have on local residents.

Rachel works 2 days a week as Chair of the HCEB Ltd maintaining strategic oversight and managing the organisation's relationships with key stakeholders and interested parties. 


Organisational Structure

Board of Directors

The Chair of the HCEB Ltd is responsible to the Board of Directors.
Our board has 3 executive directors and 5 non-executive directors. Their job is to ensure that the HCEB Ltd is functioning in line with its terms of reference. 

Executive Directors

Rachel Cerfontyne  Chair & Executive Director

Rachel Cerfontyne
Chair & Executive Director

Anna O'Rourke  Executive Director

Anna O'Rourke
Executive Director

Guido Liguori  Executive Director

Guido Liguori
Executive Director

Strategic Advisory Group: Communities & Stakeholders

The Strategic Advisory Group: Community & Stakeholders exists to provide high level strategic advice to the Chair and the Board of Directors on how the HCEB can fulfil its purpose. 

This broad group is designed to be representative of each group who are affected by the airport's day to day operations or by the proposed expansion. 


  • Caroline Morison, Managing Director, Hillingdon CCG (Health)

  • Bradley Smith, Sales & Marketing Director, Grundon Waste Management Ltd (SMEs)

  • Christine Taylor (residents)

  • Nigel Mells (residents)

  • John Stewart (HACAN)

  • Mark Izatt (Passenger Services Group)

  • Simon Arthur (Airports Airline Operators Committee)

  • Tony Booker, Director: Colne Valley Park Community Interest Company (environment)

  • Janine Subbiah, Unite the Union (Unions and Airport Workers)

  • Perry Phillips, GMB Union (Unions and Airport Workers)

  • Lucy Owen, Executive director for Heathrow Strategic Planning Group (HSPG)

  • Heather Pennock, ABTA

Past Meeting Notes

Strategic Advisory Group: Elected Members

The Strategic Advisory Group: Elected Members also exists to provide high level strategic advice to the Chair and the Board of Directors on how the HCEB can fulfil its purpose from the perspective of statutory authorities. 


  • Martin Tett (Leader, Buckinghamshire County Council)

  • Julian Bell (Leader, London Borough of Ealing)

  • Steve Curran (Leader, London Borough of Hounslow)

  • James Swindlehurst (Leader, Slough Borough Council)

  • John Read (Deputy Leader, South Bucks District Council)

  • Mike Goodman (Cabinet Member, Surrey County Council)

  • John Boughtflower (Cabinet Member, Spelthorne Borough Council)

  • Keith Burrows (Cabinet Member, London Borough Hillingdon)

  • Heidi Alexander (Deputy Mayor of London for Transport) Invitation not accepted

Past meeting notes

Passenger Services Group PSG

The Passenger Services Group has one, simple objective, to consider on their own initiative, or by the direction of the HCEB, any issue in connection with Heathrow Airport that would improve the passenger experience, and to report their conclusions and recommendations to HCEB.

The group do this in three ways; 

  1. Monitoring the procedures and facilities available to passengers and to make recommendations for their improvement to Heathrow Airport.

  2. Using quarterly meetings to receive briefings and opinions from Heathrow Airport stakeholders and internal (Heathrow) and external experts and use the outcomes and insights to make recommendations to the HCEB and the airport.

  3. Providing a passenger perspective on airport developments, particularly at the design stage.


The Passenger Services Group comprises of between 6 – 8 independent members who cover a broad range of airport passengers (the Chair is drawn from this part of the membership) along with a representative from each of the following organisations Which magazine, ABTA, the GTMC and the Airline Operators Committee.