Local Authorities

Local Authorities are really important for the Heathrow Community Engagement Board as they offer an invaluable view of the communities that they represent.

The leaders of the local authorities who are most profoundly impacted by the airports current and future operations are represented on our Strategic Advisory Group: Elected Members. This group exists to provide high level strategic advice to the Chair and the Board of Directors on how the HCEB can fulfil its purpose from the perspective of statutory authorities. 

We regularly engage with authorities outside of this group on a range of airport-related issues
led by Sam Matthews and Anna O’Rourke.


Sam MAtthews - Head of communications and strategy

You can contact Sam by emailing sammatthews@hceb.org.uk or calling 020 3488 0290.


Anna O’Rourke - Director

You can contact Anna by emailing annaorourke@hceb.org.uk or calling 020 3488 0290.