Businesses, small medium and large, are a critical part of the employment landscape which exists around Heathrow Airport. Employing many thousands of people, everyone has a stake in seeing businesses of all sizes succeed to generate jobs and employment.

Businesses are represented on the HCEB’s Strategic Advisory Group: Communities and Stakeholders which exists to provide high level strategic advice to the Chair and the Board of Directors on how the HCEB can fulfil its purpose. This broad group is designed to be representative of each group who are affected by the airport's day to day operations or by the proposed expansion. 

Our engagement with business is led by Martyn Hurst, Anna O’Rourke and Sam Matthews. If you are a business, you can find their contact details below.


Martyn Hurst - Technical Advisor

You can contact Martyn by emailing or calling 020 3488 0290.


Anna O’Rourke - Director

You can contact Anna by emailing or calling 020 3488 0290.